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Adorable rescue puppy can finally see after having £2,000 facelift – but needs new home

A sweet puppy can finally see the world after having a facelift to remove excess skin covering his eyes.

Reggie the 18-month-old shar-pei was rescued by an RSPCA inspector in May after living in unsuitable conditions.

When he arrived at the Sussex, Brighton and East Grinstead branch in Patcham, he had neglected skin, infected eyes and such extreme skin folds he couldn’t see.

Reggie was wary and untrusting of new people due to his compromised vision, so he was put forward for critical surgery.

The facelift cost the Sussex branch almost £2,000 and was a special rate given to the RSPCA.

Two weeks ago, Reggie had the excess skin on his face removed and has already recovered with the help of caring staff.

He does not need any further medication and will now search for a forever home with a new loving family.

Lauren Pearce, deputy head of dogs, said: “Reggie is such a sweetheart, so so friendly and loves everyone.

“Sadly Reggie’s breed is prone to having problems due to their extra skin but with the treatment he’s had, we hope that this will help prevent further skin problems in the future.

“He’s a young dog so we hope the right person comes forward so he can get stuck into enjoying his new life.”

The RSPCA would like Reggie to live in an experienced adult-only home as he isn’t used to children.

He is still learning how to interact sensibly with other dogs, so will need a little more guidance.

Though staff say he gives the “best slobbery kisses” and is constantly wagging his tail.

If you think you could be the perfect match for Reggie, please get in touch or support the RSPCA on the website.

Reggie isn’t the only rescue pup looking for a safe and loving home this week – Buddy the Staffy cross is desperate for a roof over his head.

He spent eight years living rough on the streets, then his homeless owner finally found accommodation, but sadly couldn’t take Buddy with him.

The 12-year-old boy arrived at Dogs Trust Merseyside in April and nobody has fallen in love with him yet – which staff find hard to believe.